Cupcake surprise

One last vacation story: On Saturday, the kids were up at the crack of dawn (and in the summer, that equals mighty early in my books), and by 9am were driving me a little crazy as they had decided that they were utterly incapable of doing something unless I was no further away than 12 inches. (Which might have been doable if they had wanted to go in the same direction…) Despite having been up for several hours, I still looked like I’d rolled out of bed a few moments before (minus the well-rested look. I don’t even think my body knows what that looks like anymore…) I needed to shower and was trying to finagle 5 minutes alone to do that. Hubby offered to take the kids for a walk. Perfect. Thank you. 20 minutes is all I need and I will be ready to go when you get back.

So off they go on their walk while I shower, get dressed, make a tea, drink said cup of tea, clean up the toys and other kiddie paraphernalia, read another chapter in my book, and begin to wonder where they got to… They came back an hour later, Bean traipsing into the house with a paper bag proudly clutched in her hand. “Mummy! We got a dairy-free cupcake that you and I can share!” Yummm. I won’t say no to that.

Hubby and El enter the house too and the kids present me with a gift they purchased on their walk: a cupcake apron. Too cute! I want to put it on and start making cupcakes straight away, except that we’re renting the house and don’t have any flour, sugar, etc. Hugs all around! Is this why your walk took so long?

“Well…” Hubby starts to reply. Apparently Bean was running around on the nearby greenbelt and he remembered that he had forgotten her water bottle back at the house. Rather then go back for it and interrupt my alone-time, they went down to the main street to a bakery he remembered seeing the other day to buy a bottle of water. Except that the bakery was a bit further away than he remembered. Then once they were there, Bean’s eyes grew wide as she saw all of the cupcakes, and he couldn’t say no when the owner said they had vegan ones (for our dairy-allergy kid). Then he realized that he couldn’t just get her a cupcake, so he got one for me too, along with another dozen (we were having lunch with family that day — otherwise I doubt he would have bought so many! (That would be something I would do, haha.)). And then they spied what is now my new apron… ❤

Hubby admitted that the cupcakes might be a little squished though, as the stroller basket wasn’t big enough to hold the box level and the bakery happened to be out of bags. We didn’t open the box until it was time for dessert. A little squished might be an understatement… of the dozen, there were maybe 3 that were relatively unharmed. Half of them had tipped upside-down on top of the other half and were all squished on the one side of the box. It was rather comical. I wish I’d thought to take a picture, but at the time, I was too busy laughing about it. (Sidebar: While telling Hubby about this post, he informed me that he had managed to snap a quick pick of the sugary mess, so photo credits to him today!) One of the cousins was assigned the role of “try to make sense of this” and deftly separated them with a knife, actually managing to keep the separate flavours separate. They might not have been pretty after their ride in the stroller, but boy oh boy, were they ever tasty!!! And really, who cares what it looks like, as long as it tastes great.

squished cupcakes

The cupcakes after a slightly bumpy ride in the stroller basket.


The diaper rash blues

So far, the vacation is absolutely wonderful! (Ok, so there was that incident with the nail polish, followed by a 3-hour-drive in torrential downpours, but all-in-all, things are going great!) Our rental house is just what we need, Bean is thrilled to be sharing a room with her sister, and I am loving having Hubby around.

Unfortunately though, poor El has developed the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. The poor girl bleeds when I wipe her, cries when I dot her with the diaper rash cream, and generally fusses if you make her sit for more than 15 minutes. I look at Hubby. The best cure for this is diaper-free time. Are you in? He agrees to help out, and we take turns walking El around the rental house with no bottoms on. She is thrilled! Fresh air on her bum, plus a chance to do some assisted walking… it just doesn’t get better than this! (Unless, of course, she could somehow do it with my boob in her mouth. (And for the engineers in my family, this is NOT me asking for you to find a way to make that possible.))

We try to give her as much diaper-free time as we can (obviously, only when we’re at the house… I don’t think the museum staff would appreciate it all that much, haha.) With Hubby, she loves it and races around grasping his fingers in each of her little hands. With me, she takes the opportunity to pee on the floor. Every. Single. Time. Thank goodness the vacation house has hardwood floors! She pees, we clean it up, then we give her a rinse in the tub. I feel like the rinse in the tub is defeating the whole diaper-free idea, since it’s adding moisture to her skin, but what can you do. It’s less painful than wipes and she does love her baths.

beach baby - pexels-photo-390632

Day 2 of horrible diaper rash happens to be Friday: beach day! Yay! We take the girls to the beach and while Hubby plays with Bean in the water, I decide to give El some much-needed diaper-free time. I’m walking her around on the sand (because, let’s face it, I would rather she pee on the sand than on our beach blanket), and although initially she was rather quite resistant to the feeling of the sand under her bare feet, she has since warmed up to the idea and is loving it! She stops for a moment when we’re facing the water, so I look up to see Bean & Hubby heading back towards us. Must be time for our picnic lunch. El spies them and takes a few steps towards them. Hubby’s thrilled about her having some diaper-free time, but casually says “Watch where you walk her, eh? I don’t want her to step in that.” I look where he’s pointing and see what appears to be a small log of rather colourful soft poo. That wasn’t there a moment ago. I pick El up, and flipping her over for a quick check confirm that yes, my kid just pooed on the beach.

I clean up El’s bum and then pick up the poo. (The colours due to the steamed vegetables she had with dinner last night.) For whatever reason, this marked a turning point for her rash. All afternoon on the beach, she doesn’t so much as pee for Hubby (whilst I play in the water with Bean), and by that evening, her horrible diaper rash has downgraded to just a normal one, and is almost gone by the next morning, hopefully never to return again. Now, if only I could find a way to bottle fresh-air-on-the-beach-while-walking-on-the-sand as a diaper-rash cream… I just know it could be a best-seller. 😉

Let the vacation begin!

This year’s vacation started off with the usual rush-around-and-try-to-pack-while-the-kids-are-demanding-all-of-my-attention-RIGHT-NOW. I’ll spare you the details, but we made it out of the house (finally!) and stopped in for a night at my parents’ house to break up the drive.

It was a short visit, complete with a horrid bedtime (read: it took so long to put the girls to bed that everyone else went to sleep before I could get them down and I was so exhausted at that point that I just went to bed too), but the next morning my parents were all-hands-on-deck to help us get on our way. I wanted to paint my toenails (while I had reinforcements to watch the kids) and thought that I would use a coral colour my mum has that happens to match my sandals. Bean asks if she can watch.
– Sure thing sweetie.
– You are going to look so beautiful after your nails are painted Mummy.
– (Swoon! Totally happy I said yes.) Ok, just wait here, I need to get one more thing.

I leave the bathroom to grab my basecoat and come back just in time to see Bean opening the coral nail polish. “What’s this Mummy?” Nooooooooo! The nail polish drips off of the brush onto her (mostly) white dress. You’ve got to be kidding me. I close up the bottle before more drips fall and strip her down to try and minimize the damage. As Bean’s helping me to blot the dress (and her thighs — it soaked through) with nail-polish remover, I notice that she’s jiggling around.
– Bean, do you have to pee?
She sits on the toilet to pee but (for some strange reason) leans slightly backward and the pee shoots out, going between the toilet seat and the rim of the bowl, onto her underpants, the outside of the toilet and the floor. You have got to be kidding me. I couldn’t have done that if I’d tried! 

I tell Bean to stay on the toilet and I head downstairs for cleaning supplies. I ask my mum to google how to get nail polish out of a cotton dress. An eyebrow raises in a question. Bean got curious about the nail polish. Oh, and she accidently peed on the floor while sitting on the toilet. With that, I disappear with some paper towels and the Lysol. I clean up the pee and give Bean a quick bath (and a clean outfit) before turning my attention to the dress. “Blot reverse with acetone, rinse, repeat.” So I do. Several times. It’s faded, but I wouldn’t call it removed. Then I used stain remover and (later) put it through the laundry. A bit more faded but the spot is still there. Oh well… it’s not super noticeable, since there are orange flowers on the white dress… the coral stain sort of blends in with the pattern if you aren’t looking for it.

By the time I finish all that, El’s up from her morning nap, ready for a breastfeed, and my toes remain unpainted. Maybe bedtime tonight will be better and I will have 5 minutes to actually beautify my toes.


Author’s note: Vacation was last week (not this week), but I had a (more-or-less) device-free week (aside from Google maps & taking photos), so you’ll get the updates this week instead. (You can expect more than one post… hopefully it’ll make up for not posting in a few weeks!) Also, a HUGE thank you to my parents. This post is more about how much mess Bean managed to make in a 10-minute time period (and the hour it took me to clean it up) than their help, but I wanted to give them a shout out for all of their help on that crazy rainy morning. You two are awesome!

Tell the Truth Day… so here goes nothing

Apparently today (Friday July 7th) is Tell the Truth Day. It’s also Global Forgiveness Day, Chocolate Day, and Strawberry Sundae Day. Now there’s a day I can get behind; There isn’t a single special label on today that I would trade! And although it’s already evening, it’s never too late to celebrate!

Tell the truth day. Here’s a truth for you: I got rear-ended yesterday. I wasn’t going to blog about it (no sense stressing out my family — Don’t worry mum, we’re all OK. So’s the car.), but seeing as how it’s Tell the Truth Day I figured I might as well own up to it. (Besides, if you don’t hear it from me, Bean will be sure to tell you “Somebody hit mummy’s car.”… Those of you with preschoolers know that there’s no such thing as a secret with them!) I was driving home yesterday after having lunch with some colleagues when the car in front of me suddenly braked. From 70+ km/h to 0. I slam on the brakes too and thankfully manage to stop without hitting the car in front of me. Praise God. Then a quick check in my rearview reveals the car behind me slamming on the brakes. I hear his tires squeal on the pavement (I didn’t even know that was a thing outside of the movies…) and brace for impact. Thankfully it was a small bump and it didn’t careen my car into the stopped vehicle in front of me. We pull over and get out of the car. The other driver, D, was super considerate. As he was walking to the back of my car he sees the kids in my backseat and is instantly concerned. Are the kids ok? (Yes.) We check out the back of my car, and although I’m in a cute little sundress, I’m down on the pavement with him, checking under the back bumper and making sure my car is OK. Neither of us see anything amiss. (It turns out that D is a bit of a car guy, and I have some knowledge about what to look for.) His car looks fine too. Thank goodness! I get his information anyways, but hopefully won’t need to use it.

Global Forgiveness Day. This one’s easy for me. I forgive D for rear-ending me. (And on the off chance that a certain car enthusiast is reading this mummy blog, thank you D for being so kind, considerate, and even-tempered in less-than-ideal circumstances.)forgiveness-1767432_960_720

Chocolate Day. The kids didn’t nap well today (there’s another truth for you!). Well, El napped for two 30-minute spurts (instead of her usual two 1.5 hour naps) and Bean, despite telling me that she was tired, didn’t nap at all. So to reward myself once they were both finally in bed for the night and asleep, I had a piece of chocolate. Nice, dark chocolate with caramel bits in it. Yumm. (Lindt caramel and sea salt, in case you were wondering.) I don’t need an excuse to have chocolate, but I feel like on chocolate day it’s worth having an extra piece. lindt chocolate - 2350244803_77dd91c7bb_b

Strawberry Sundae Day. The one elusive special part of today that I am unable to celebrate. To be honest, chocolate sundaes are more my thing, but I DO love fresh strawberries, and the thought of adding some fresh Ontario strawberries to a hot-fudge sundae almost makes me want to walk the 10 minutes to DQ… mmmm. Except that Hubby is at the gym and I can’t leave the girls alone, let alone actually eat the ice cream. Sigh. (We suspect that El has a dairy allergy, and since I’m breastfeeding, that means no dairy for me. I have fallen in love with coconut “ice cream”, but a quick check in the freezer reveals that we’re all out of it. Zut.*) Maybe another piece of chocolate will satisfy me. (*Zut roughly translates as Shoot.)

Wishing all of you a happy, truthful, forgiving, chocolatey, strawberry-sundae day.


Canada Day Fun for Little Ones

With Canada Day just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to find ways to celebrate this special day with the little ones in our life who might not be able to stay awake late enough for fireworks (or who might be afraid of them).

Here are a few of my favourite ideas, along with links so that you can make them too!

  1. Canada Day Moose snack! (from CBC) If you have a peanut allergy in your house, you could easily substitute nut-free butter instead. I don’t have a maple-leaf-shaped cookie cutter, but I don’t see any reason why I can’t turn apple slices into “grass” for the moose to walk on. Especially if you use granny smith apples. (Or the grass can be red, haha. Your toddlers/preschoolers probably won’t care.)


    Photo source: CBC’s moose snack

  2. Fingerpaint Flag (Today’s Parent) This is too cute! Bean loves it when I let her make handprint or fingerprint crafts, and I know that she will have so much fun making this flag!

  3. Read a book together. Here are some of our favourite Canada-themed books: Canada books
  4. Play a Canada-themed memory-card game together. Here’s a link to one that is related to First Nations and Inuit from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.
  5. Colour some Canada-themed pictures together. Here’s a link to some great free printables from Activity Village: Canada Day Colouring Pages
  6. Have a Canada-Day themed Scavenger hunt. Here’s the original idea from Canadian Living, but I would adapt this for toddlers & preschoolers. Unless you’re hiding red-and-white rocks in your garden, I would make a list of what you hid or at the very least how many items there are. That way, you’ll be able to track down any missing ones. Here are some ideas of things to hide: red-and-white rocks (which requires collecting and painting them first), strawberries (although you might want to put them in something before hiding them… or offer a washing station for the kids once they’ve found a berry!), Canada-Day stickers or temporary tattoos.
  7. Make a cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to Canada. (We will definitely be doing this at our house!) White icing and red sprinkles (or whipped cream and fresh strawberries!) will make it festive without too much work.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Wishing you all a wonderful celebration.

Cheers to men who help to share the mental load!

Interested in a good laugh? If you haven’t already seen it (it’s making the rounds), check out this amusing comic from Emma about why us mommas seem to be so tired all the time :


you should have asked

You should’ve asked” comic by Emma (click title to read full comic)


At first read, I thought that this comic was an amusing insight into the brain of several mommas I know (myself included). The part about how it takes 2 hours to clean off the table makes me laugh….  that is SO me!!! (My husband likes to remind me on occasion that I am not good at multi-tasking… we both know that I’m much more efficient if I just do one thing at a time. Unfortunately, life with 2 small kids doesn’t always permit that.)

However, when I started reading the comments below the comic, I was somewhat horrified at the amount of people who seemed to think that this was a personal attack on them. I don’t recommend reading the comments at the end of Emma’s comic… it’ll get your back up and turn a light-hearted laughable comic into a jumping point for major arguments and negative energy. Just skip the comments. But read the comic. 🙂

One thing I will say is that this comic definitely hits the nail on the head (so to speak) about the mental strain of being a mum. However, at the same time, I know that my husband has a lot of stuff on his mind too. True, he still doesn’t know where to find clean pajamas in the nursery (they’ve been in the same drawer for over 3 years now), or which sheets go on our bed (queen-sized) and which are for the guest bed (a double), but I don’t mind. He’s man enough to ask me where things are, or which are the sheets for our bed, or where we keep the sugar. And yes, sometimes it frustrates me that he still doesn’t know where the baby’s washcloths are kept, but on the flip side, at least he recognises that she needs a bath and is willing to clean her. I might be the one with the mental load of almost everything related to the kids (doctor’s check ups, school events, homework, nap schedule, etc.), the laundry, the contents of our cupboards, and the “where things belong” category, but he’s got his own mental load to bear. He keeps on top of the lawn maintenance, most of the grocery shopping, and at least half of the dinners each week. Not to mention whatever mental load he’s got for work (which is huge!).

I know that I’m lucky to have such a great husband. I think that a lot of you do too. So the next time your husband asks “Honey, where do we keep the …” for the umpteenth-time, help the man out and answer his question. After all, he is trying to help.



“I love my Daddy.”

This past weekend was full of celebratory Fathers’ Day stuff, and so I didn’t actually have time to write anything until today (haha, story of my life!) I thought that in honour of my wonderful husband, I would summarize why he’s so great through the eyes of our 3-year old (Bean). Without further ado, here are 7 reasons why Bean loves her Daddy.

  1. “Daddy’s a good cooker.” (Direct quote! It’s true, he’s a whiz in the kitchen and prepares some pretty tasty meals!)
  2. “Daddy is better at giving sh-baths.” (Yes, that’s a made-up word. I don’t even really know what it means, which is probably why “Daddy” is better at them. From what I understand, it’s a cross between a bath and a shower and somehow also involves washing the wall. On purpose. Quite frankly, as long as she gets clean, I don’t really mind.)
  3. “Daddy goes running with me.” Bean needs to run. Probably almost as much as a puppy… (I’m picturing a cute little boxer puppy who can run off-leash, whole-hog for an hour on a farm, only to get back home and need to go for another walk ten minutes later.) (Shout out to Pipps!) And she is fast. I’m not just saying that in a proud-momma-kind-of-way. My uncle took her out for a run a few weeks ago and came back drenched in sweat. That is NOT what I was expecting. You need to sign her up for track and field. Hubby laces up and gets a work-out in while running sprints with her on the local school’s track. Most people think we must be out-of-shape when we talk about getting a cardio work-out in while running with our 3-year-old. I know better and love that Hubby is willing to run with her.
  4. Daddy jungle gym. This is a game where Hubby lets Bean crawl all over him, as if he were a living jungle gym; sometimes she even swings off of his arms. He rearranges his limbs to make it challenging for her. She loves it.
  5. “Daddy and Bean like silly songs…” It’s the first line in a silly song Hubby made up to sing with Bean. It involves making all sorts of silly sounds, so of course, she loves it!
  6. The story about Mr. Potato. Hubby makes up stories for Bean while she sits on the toilet. There’s one about Mr. Potato and where sweet potatoes came from (entirely fictional), one about Mr. Fox (which ends with the singing of What does the fox say? by Ylvis), and one about Mr. Fry (and how he discovered that he was French, haha).
  7. “Daddy makes me apples AND pears at breakfast.” Ok, so it’s not always apples and pears, but when he’s around for breakfast, there’s always 2 kinds of fruit on her plate (sometimes more). When I make breakfast and only serve up apple slices along with her oatmeal, you can be sure I’ll hear about how Daddy gives her both. I love that he finds the time to make it happen.

Sending lots of love to Hubby today (and every day!).


Fathers Day gift 2017

This is the gift that Bean made for Fathers’ Day. I take no credit for it; she made it at preschool. All the same, I love it. What a great idea!


Book Banter: The 5 Love Languages of Children

Welcome to a new section I’m incorporating into my blog: Book Banter. In this semi-regular (translation: when I have something to write about) series, I’m going to discuss books related to parenting. No formal reviews, nothing stuffy… just me, chatting about a book I recently read that relates to parenting (and, inadvertently, my life). Hope you like it!

5 love languages children

Photo source here (Indigo)

This “week” (month?) we’re talking about the book The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell. I casually mentioned the book over coffee with one of my girlfriends and her first response was “What’s a love language?” (Glad you weren’t the only one thinking that? 😛 ) Basically, the authors explain the different ways we understand love, stating that “Every child has a primary language of love, a way in which he or she understands a parent’s love best.” (Chapman, 9) By loving your child through their primary love language, we ensure that they know they are loved, which, in turn, helps them to “grow into a giving, loving, responsible adult.” (9) Of course, the authors also recommend loving your child through all 5 love languages (even as you focus on their primary one), which will subsequently help them to speak all 5 love languages themselves later in life (109-10).

So what are the 5 languages? Physical touch (ex. hugs & kisses); Words of Affirmation (words expressing your love for them, either spoken or written); Quality Time (spending time with them); Gifts (can be “made, found, or purchased” (86), includes gifts that are both needs and wants); and Acts of Service (doing something for them (ex. making them a special breakfast (105)), or helping them to do something (ex. study for a test (106)).

The authors advise that “With an infant, you must express love in all five languages” (111) and that even “Young children are just beginning to learn how to receive and express love in the various languages. This means that they will experiment with actions and responses that are satisfying to them” and may change their dominant love language from one month to the next (111). They also warn that as they grow, a child’s love language may change; particularly as a teenager. (112)

I can confirm the changing love language of young ‘uns…. A month ago I would have proclaimed that Bean was definitely NOT a physical touch love language kid. (Her version of “snuggling” was to lie down close together without touching.) However, this past week she’s started experimenting with that love language. Over the weekend, she offered to brush my hair (heavenly!) and then just this morning, mid-breakfast she announced “Snuggle time!” and curled up into me for a little snuggle (a real one!) in between bites of toast. I’m only too happy to oblige, but considering the only time in the past few years that she’s been snuggly is when she’s either sick or has had a bad dream, you can understand my surprise.

Back to the book: I like that the authors offer suggestions on how to express your love for your children in each of the 5 languages (conveniently organized in a section at the back of each love-language-specific chapter). They also offer advice on how to discipline with the 5 love languages, which might just have some surprising insight for you. There’s even a chapter at the end of the book dealing with the challenges posed by single-parent families. There are other books in the collection if you’re interested (one is specifically about teenagers, if you happen to have one, … and no, I don’t think threenagers count, haha.).

The bottom line for me? Since the book is geared towards parents of children 5 and older, I think that I will get a LOT more out of the book if I re-read it again in a few years. Until then, it’s given me a great overview of the 5 love languages, along with some food for thought.


References from:

Chapman, Gary, and Ross Campbell. The 5 Love Languages of Children. 1997. Northfield Publishing, Chicago, 2016.

Happy World Baking Day!

Colorful Baking Cupcakes Celebration Cupcake Cases

I love to bake and was surprised to find out that there’s a day to celebrate it! Who knew?! What a great excuse to spend the day creating yummy tasties… except that it’s supposed to be 30-something-degrees today and the thought of the oven on all day is rather unappealing. (Author’s note: World Baking Day was actually on May 17th, but things have been so chaotic this past week, I haven’t been able to get around to editing this post until today…. Oops. Enjoy it anyways!)

So if not a whole day of baking, at least an hour. Bean’s request for banana bread will have to wait for another day, because I have plans for that thing vegetable? growing in my backyard. You know, the perfect plant for me: one that grows no matter how much I neglect it, haha. (Confession: Sadly, I did not inherit the green thumb that runs in my family. It has taken me a lot of dead house plants to figure that one out.) Actually, the thing in question is rhubarb. I have fond memories of eating delicious strawberry-rhubarb-crumble and other such desserts while growing up. When my parents downsized to a smaller house, I jumped at the chance to transplant some of my mum’s rhubarb into my garden. (My mum did the transplanting… see my earlier comment about dead house plants.) That was three years ago. I decided it was finally time I do something with it. I might not have a green thumb, but I am rather gifted at baking, and so why not use the skills I have to make a tasty treat?

I found a great recipe online (orange-rhubarb muffins) and decided to try it. I wanted to get started while El was sleeping, so I chose to forgo the shower for the moment and bake in my pyjamas. Of course, this also meant that I was out in the backyard picking rhubarb in my pyjamas, but I doubt any of the neighbours noticed… and if they did, oh well.

The results are delicious! I will definitely be making these orange-rhubarb muffins again. Whatever you decide to bake today, I hope that it turns out perfectly too. And if you’re not the baking type, then stop by a local bakery later today and pick up a treat for you and your family. Happy World Baking Day everyone!



I had to taste one to make sure they were good before recommending the recipe. 😉


Mothers Day “surprises”


Bean loves surprises. She loves giving them just as much as she loves receiving them (for which I am thankful). While playing, she’ll often come up to me with her arms behind her back. “Mummy, I have a present for you. Surprise!” (And then produces one of her toys). Other times, the “present” is something imaginary that she’ll throw to me across the room (this can be anything from an ice cream cone to magic powers), which I catch and then exclaim my thanks over. Sometimes she doesn’t tell me what it is before I catch it… once I popped the imaginary surprise in my mouth to eat it (as the previous few had all been edible), only to see Bean’s shocked look. “Mummy, you can’t eat that. It’s a plate.” Hahaha… oops. Right. I “spat out” the plate, to a look of relief from Bean.

She also loves the idea of making surprises for other people, but doesn’t get that in order for it to be a surprise, she has to keep it a secret. However, luckily for the receiver, her hints are often slightly cryptic. All week Bean has been talking to me about the surprise she was making for me for Mothers Day.

Monday: “Mummy, when you come for the Mothers Day picnic, you have to drive fast, ok? Don’t drive slow. If you drive slow, I won’t give you a teabag.”

Tuesday: “For the Mothers Day Party someone is going to put big chairs outside for the mummies to sit on. I don’t know who, but someone is going to do that.”

Wednesday: “Mummy, today I glued flowers on your teabag. It’s a surprise.”

Thursday: “Mummy, I made you a surprise. It has Elsa and Anna on it.”

Friday: The day of the Mothers’ Day picnic at Bean’s preschool. Hubby has graciously taken the afternoon off of work in order to look after El so that I can have some much-needed one-on-one time with Bean.

I arrive to be greeted with one of the biggest, best hugs Bean can give — the kind that is usually reserved for the rare days that Daddy picks her up from preschool. (Since I pick her up almost daily, I usually just get a normal hug.) That hug alone makes my day. The preschool has various games and stations set up around the yard, so Bean and I play bean-bag-toss (she’s actually pretty good), make a necklace for her (think coloured bits of pasta on string), and visit the face-paint station (she decides to paint her own face, which just cracks me up). Afterwards, she looks in the hand mirror at the streaks of blue and green paint that appear to be haphazardly strewn across her face and declares that she is beautiful. I can’t help but smile.

Then it’s time for the picnic — guacamole and tortilla chips, wraps (3 flavours!), followed by fruit and cake for dessert. The wraps look surprisingly good. Bean tells me that she helped to make the egg wraps, so we make sure to take one of those (actually, we take one of each flavour). Listening to her tell me about making the egg salad wraps is wonderful. I take a bite… it is delicious! I make sure to let her know how good it tastes, meanwhile thinking that the next time we make egg salad, I’ll have her help make it. Just before leaving, she goes to get her present for me: a cute little jar (decorated with paper flowers), inside of which are 2 loose-leaf teabags. Ah… NOW I understand the hints. Lots of thanks and lots of hugs. It was such a special day and a big thank-you to the preschool for organizing it.

(Of course, Hubby spoiled me too. I will, however, spare you the details… I’m sure that your husbands were just as wonderful!) Whether it was your spouse or your kids, on the actual Mothers Day or on another day that worked better for you and your family, I hope that you were all showered with love. For you ALL deserve it. Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Mothers day craft 2017

Bean’s Mother’s Day gift to me. And in case you were wondering how Elsa & Anna figure in, they were on the card that Hubby helped her to make.