Make “library, ho!” your adventure call this weekend



(photo by Barney Moss)

Ah, the library. I loved going there as a kid. Still do. There’s something calming about all of those books surrounding me, comfy chairs to snuggle up in and read, and tables at which you can do your homework or some research. I have fond memories of trips to the library as a kid: picking out my own books, seeing a puppet show, going to story time, and once I even saw a kid puke in the front foyer… greeny-beige and all over the floor. Gross. Funny how those things stick with you.

As an avid reader myself, I love reading books to my girls. True, at 5-months, El just wants to eat them, but I know that soon there will come a day when she’s just as hooked on the content as she is on the way they feel in her mouth.

Bean loves story time and will often bring me piles of books, asking for me to read them to her. Yes, there are times when reading her the same story over and over and over can get a little tedious, but that’s when I just memorize the book so that I can read it at bedtime with my eyes closed. Of course, I have been known to fall asleep once or twice while doing this, but Bean is sure to wake me up with a “next page Mummy!” Still, I really enjoy those moments when I can curl up with my daughter and spend some quality time reading together. She even takes after her grandpa and enjoys reading a book while on the potty.

Every three weeks we go on a special outing to the library (or as my 3-year-old would say “lye-berry”) and have some fun there together. She gets to pick out some books to borrow (although I usually add a few new ones to the pile as she tends to go for her favourites) and she’s even quite helpful when it comes to using the self-checkout (we use the wheelchair accessible one so that she can reach) — she does most of it herself! We make time to snuggle up and read some of the books while we’re there, and there’s usually some time for her to play with the library toys too; one of her favourites being the duplo table.

So this weekend, in honour of take-your-kid-to-the-library-day (Sat. Feb. 4th), I think that everyone should make an outing. Even if you don’t borrow any books to take home, just curling up together in an armchair to read a few new stories can be a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.


Looking for something new to read? Here are a few of the kid favourites in our house:

  • Anything by Sandra Boynton (try Blue hat Green hat)
  • The Ladybug Girl series by David Soman and Jackie Davis
  • If you give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Joffe Numeroff
  • Grandma and the Pirates by Phoebe Gilman
  • The Thomas & Friends series (Thomas the tank engine) by W. Audry




2 thoughts on “Make “library, ho!” your adventure call this weekend

  1. I have really fond memories of visiting the library too! My sister and I would take out the maximum number of books (I think it was 20) and then we would go home and just devour them (after we argued about who got to read on the comfy couch). I’m pretty sure at one point my mom was taking us to the library at least once a week when we were in elementary school. Hope my baby has the same love of books we share. Speaking of which, I’m still guilty of not having read anything since pregnant (other than Goodnight Moon, which I read to her everyday because she finds it hilarious… not sure what’s so funny) … hopefully that changes soon.


    • You read this blog. 😛 And “Goodnight moon” counts too. Granted, it might not be your usual read, but it’s better than reading nothing. Keep on reading to your little one and hopefully she will develop the love of reading too!
      If you need a break from “Goodnight Moon” there are lots of great board books I can recommend. Some good ones for bedtime are “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney and “Good night, I love you” by Caroline Jayne Church.


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