Homemade with love

This past weekend (with Valentine’s Day just around the corner), I decided that Bean and I should make some valentines for her friends at school. Making the valentines would give us some quality time together and besides… it’s been a while since I had some good crafting time! ūüėČ

First, I needed a little inspiration. Specifically something easy enough for a 3-year-old to do on her own (or mostly on her own). A quick search found this:



(Picture from DigitalResult.com)


Easy enough, yes? Of course, I would do the words, but surely she could manage most of the rest of it. I started by showing her how to dip one finger in the paint and make a few fingerprints to create a caterpillar. Well… that was fun. So much fun, that one painting finger soon turned into 2. Thankfully I had the good sense to put an apron on her at that point, because 2 fingers in the paint soon turned into 10. Paint everywhere! Few of the caterpillars actually looked like caterpillars, but I’m creative enough that I knew I could rescue it somehow. We made a few extras just in case.


Bean’s gotten fairly good at drawing faces lately (that actually look like faces), so I thought that adding some eyes, a smile and a few legs to the caterpillars would be easy for her. I underestimated her own creativity.
“Look Mummy, this is a sad caterpillar.”
“This one is wearing a necklace.”
“This one has a really big mouth.”
“I gave this heart a belly button.”



“This one is wearing a necklace.”




“I gave this heart a belly button.”


I absolutely love how she brought her own individual touch to this project. I had long since given up hope of perfect Pinterest-worthy homemade valentines, but I’m so glad I did. What resulted was more fun and creative than what I had originally planned, and you know what? Bean is so proud of her valentines, I just know that she will be thrilled to hand them out to her classmates at school today.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




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