Mothers Day “surprises”


Bean loves surprises. She loves giving them just as much as she loves receiving them (for which I am thankful). While playing, she’ll often come up to me with her arms behind her back. “Mummy, I have a present for you. Surprise!” (And then produces one of her toys). Other times, the “present” is something imaginary that she’ll throw to me across the room (this can be anything from an ice cream cone to magic powers), which I catch and then exclaim my thanks over. Sometimes she doesn’t tell me what it is before I catch it… once I popped the imaginary surprise in my mouth to eat it (as the previous few had all been edible), only to see Bean’s shocked look. “Mummy, you can’t eat that. It’s a plate.” Hahaha… oops. Right. I “spat out” the plate, to a look of relief from Bean.

She also loves the idea of making surprises for other people, but doesn’t get that in order for it to be a surprise, she has to keep it a secret. However, luckily for the receiver, her hints are often slightly cryptic. All week Bean has been talking to me about the surprise she was making for me for Mothers Day.

Monday: “Mummy, when you come for the Mothers Day picnic, you have to drive fast, ok? Don’t drive slow. If you drive slow, I won’t give you a teabag.”

Tuesday: “For the Mothers Day Party someone is going to put big chairs outside for the mummies to sit on. I don’t know who, but someone is going to do that.”

Wednesday: “Mummy, today I glued flowers on your teabag. It’s a surprise.”

Thursday: “Mummy, I made you a surprise. It has Elsa and Anna on it.”

Friday: The day of the Mothers’ Day picnic at Bean’s preschool. Hubby has graciously taken the afternoon off of work in order to look after El so that I can have some much-needed one-on-one time with Bean.

I arrive to be greeted with one of the biggest, best hugs Bean can give — the kind that is usually reserved for the rare days that Daddy picks her up from preschool. (Since I pick her up almost daily, I usually just get a normal hug.) That hug alone makes my day. The preschool has various games and stations set up around the yard, so Bean and I play bean-bag-toss (she’s actually pretty good), make a necklace for her (think coloured bits of pasta on string), and visit the face-paint station (she decides to paint her own face, which just cracks me up). Afterwards, she looks in the hand mirror at the streaks of blue and green paint that appear to be haphazardly strewn across her face and declares that she is beautiful. I can’t help but smile.

Then it’s time for the picnic — guacamole and tortilla chips, wraps (3 flavours!), followed by fruit and cake for dessert. The wraps look surprisingly good. Bean tells me that she helped to make the egg wraps, so we make sure to take one of those (actually, we take one of each flavour). Listening to her tell me about making the egg salad wraps is wonderful. I take a bite… it is delicious! I make sure to let her know how good it tastes, meanwhile thinking that the next time we make egg salad, I’ll have her help make it. Just before leaving, she goes to get her present for me: a cute little jar (decorated with paper flowers), inside of which are 2 loose-leaf teabags. Ah… NOW I understand the hints. Lots of thanks and lots of hugs. It was such a special day and a big thank-you to the preschool for organizing it.

(Of course, Hubby spoiled me too. I will, however, spare you the details… I’m sure that your husbands were just as wonderful!) Whether it was your spouse or your kids, on the actual Mothers Day or on another day that worked better for you and your family, I hope that you were all showered with love. For you ALL deserve it. Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Mothers day craft 2017

Bean’s Mother’s Day gift to me. And in case you were wondering how Elsa & Anna figure in, they were on the card that Hubby helped her to make.




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