Happy World Baking Day!

Colorful Baking Cupcakes Celebration Cupcake Cases

I love to bake and was surprised to find out that there’s a day to celebrate it! Who knew?! What a great excuse to spend the day creating yummy tasties… except that it’s supposed to be 30-something-degrees today and the thought of the oven on all day is rather unappealing. (Author’s note: World Baking Day was actually on May 17th, but things have been so chaotic this past week, I haven’t been able to get around to editing this post until today…. Oops. Enjoy it anyways!)

So if not a whole day of baking, at least an hour. Bean’s request for banana bread will have to wait for another day, because I have plans for that thing vegetable? growing in my backyard. You know, the perfect plant for me: one that grows no matter how much I neglect it, haha. (Confession: Sadly, I did not inherit the green thumb that runs in my family. It has taken me a lot of dead house plants to figure that one out.) Actually, the thing in question is rhubarb. I have fond memories of eating delicious strawberry-rhubarb-crumble and other such desserts while growing up. When my parents downsized to a smaller house, I jumped at the chance to transplant some of my mum’s rhubarb into my garden. (My mum did the transplanting… see my earlier comment about dead house plants.) That was three years ago. I decided it was finally time I do something with it. I might not have a green thumb, but I am rather gifted at baking, and so why not use the skills I have to make a tasty treat?

I found a great recipe online (orange-rhubarb muffins) and decided to try it. I wanted to get started while El was sleeping, so I chose to forgo the shower for the moment and bake in my pyjamas. Of course, this also meant that I was out in the backyard picking rhubarb in my pyjamas, but I doubt any of the neighbours noticed… and if they did, oh well.

The results are delicious! I will definitely be making these orange-rhubarb muffins again. Whatever you decide to bake today, I hope that it turns out perfectly too. And if you’re not the baking type, then stop by a local bakery later today and pick up a treat for you and your family. Happy World Baking Day everyone!



I had to taste one to make sure they were good before recommending the recipe. 😉



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