Cheers to men who help to share the mental load!

Interested in a good laugh? If you haven’t already seen it (it’s making the rounds), check out this amusing comic from Emma about why us mommas seem to be so tired all the time :


you should have asked

You should’ve asked” comic by Emma (click title to read full comic)


At first read, I thought that this comic was an amusing insight into the brain of several mommas I know (myself included). The part about how it takes 2 hours to clean off the table makes me laugh….  that is SO me!!! (My husband likes to remind me on occasion that I am not good at multi-tasking… we both know that I’m much more efficient if I just do one thing at a time. Unfortunately, life with 2 small kids doesn’t always permit that.)

However, when I started reading the comments below the comic, I was somewhat horrified at the amount of people who seemed to think that this was a personal attack on them. I don’t recommend reading the comments at the end of Emma’s comic… it’ll get your back up and turn a light-hearted laughable comic into a jumping point for major arguments and negative energy. Just skip the comments. But read the comic. 🙂

One thing I will say is that this comic definitely hits the nail on the head (so to speak) about the mental strain of being a mum. However, at the same time, I know that my husband has a lot of stuff on his mind too. True, he still doesn’t know where to find clean pajamas in the nursery (they’ve been in the same drawer for over 3 years now), or which sheets go on our bed (queen-sized) and which are for the guest bed (a double), but I don’t mind. He’s man enough to ask me where things are, or which are the sheets for our bed, or where we keep the sugar. And yes, sometimes it frustrates me that he still doesn’t know where the baby’s washcloths are kept, but on the flip side, at least he recognises that she needs a bath and is willing to clean her. I might be the one with the mental load of almost everything related to the kids (doctor’s check ups, school events, homework, nap schedule, etc.), the laundry, the contents of our cupboards, and the “where things belong” category, but he’s got his own mental load to bear. He keeps on top of the lawn maintenance, most of the grocery shopping, and at least half of the dinners each week. Not to mention whatever mental load he’s got for work (which is huge!).

I know that I’m lucky to have such a great husband. I think that a lot of you do too. So the next time your husband asks “Honey, where do we keep the …” for the umpteenth-time, help the man out and answer his question. After all, he is trying to help.




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