Tell the Truth Day… so here goes nothing

Apparently today (Friday July 7th) is Tell the Truth Day. It’s also Global Forgiveness Day, Chocolate Day, and Strawberry Sundae Day. Now there’s a day I can get behind; There isn’t a single special label on today that I would trade! And although it’s already evening, it’s never too late to celebrate!

Tell the truth day. Here’s a truth for you: I got rear-ended yesterday. I wasn’t going to blog about it (no sense stressing out my family — Don’t worry mum, we’re all OK. So’s the car.), but seeing as how it’s Tell the Truth Day I figured I might as well own up to it. (Besides, if you don’t hear it from me, Bean will be sure to tell you “Somebody hit mummy’s car.”… Those of you with preschoolers know that there’s no such thing as a secret with them!) I was driving home yesterday after having lunch with some colleagues when the car in front of me suddenly braked. From 70+ km/h to 0. I slam on the brakes too and thankfully manage to stop without hitting the car in front of me. Praise God. Then a quick check in my rearview reveals the car behind me slamming on the brakes. I hear his tires squeal on the pavement (I didn’t even know that was a thing outside of the movies…) and brace for impact. Thankfully it was a small bump and it didn’t careen my car into the stopped vehicle in front of me. We pull over and get out of the car. The other driver, D, was super considerate. As he was walking to the back of my car he sees the kids in my backseat and is instantly concerned. Are the kids ok? (Yes.) We check out the back of my car, and although I’m in a cute little sundress, I’m down on the pavement with him, checking under the back bumper and making sure my car is OK. Neither of us see anything amiss. (It turns out that D is a bit of a car guy, and I have some knowledge about what to look for.) His car looks fine too. Thank goodness! I get his information anyways, but hopefully won’t need to use it.

Global Forgiveness Day. This one’s easy for me. I forgive D for rear-ending me. (And on the off chance that a certain car enthusiast is reading this mummy blog, thank you D for being so kind, considerate, and even-tempered in less-than-ideal circumstances.)forgiveness-1767432_960_720

Chocolate Day. The kids didn’t nap well today (there’s another truth for you!). Well, El napped for two 30-minute spurts (instead of her usual two 1.5 hour naps) and Bean, despite telling me that she was tired, didn’t nap at all. So to reward myself once they were both finally in bed for the night and asleep, I had a piece of chocolate. Nice, dark chocolate with caramel bits in it. Yumm. (Lindt caramel and sea salt, in case you were wondering.) I don’t need an excuse to have chocolate, but I feel like on chocolate day it’s worth having an extra piece. lindt chocolate - 2350244803_77dd91c7bb_b

Strawberry Sundae Day. The one elusive special part of today that I am unable to celebrate. To be honest, chocolate sundaes are more my thing, but I DO love fresh strawberries, and the thought of adding some fresh Ontario strawberries to a hot-fudge sundae almost makes me want to walk the 10 minutes to DQ… mmmm. Except that Hubby is at the gym and I can’t leave the girls alone, let alone actually eat the ice cream. Sigh. (We suspect that El has a dairy allergy, and since I’m breastfeeding, that means no dairy for me. I have fallen in love with coconut “ice cream”, but a quick check in the freezer reveals that we’re all out of it. Zut.*) Maybe another piece of chocolate will satisfy me. (*Zut roughly translates as Shoot.)

Wishing all of you a happy, truthful, forgiving, chocolatey, strawberry-sundae day.



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