The diaper rash blues

So far, the vacation is absolutely wonderful! (Ok, so there was that incident with the nail polish, followed by a 3-hour-drive in torrential downpours, but all-in-all, things are going great!) Our rental house is just what we need, Bean is thrilled to be sharing a room with her sister, and I am loving having Hubby around.

Unfortunately though, poor El has developed the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. The poor girl bleeds when I wipe her, cries when I dot her with the diaper rash cream, and generally fusses if you make her sit for more than 15 minutes. I look at Hubby. The best cure for this is diaper-free time. Are you in? He agrees to help out, and we take turns walking El around the rental house with no bottoms on. She is thrilled! Fresh air on her bum, plus a chance to do some assisted walking… it just doesn’t get better than this! (Unless, of course, she could somehow do it with my boob in her mouth. (And for the engineers in my family, this is NOT me asking for you to find a way to make that possible.))

We try to give her as much diaper-free time as we can (obviously, only when we’re at the house… I don’t think the museum staff would appreciate it all that much, haha.) With Hubby, she loves it and races around grasping his fingers in each of her little hands. With me, she takes the opportunity to pee on the floor. Every. Single. Time. Thank goodness the vacation house has hardwood floors! She pees, we clean it up, then we give her a rinse in the tub. I feel like the rinse in the tub is defeating the whole diaper-free idea, since it’s adding moisture to her skin, but what can you do. It’s less painful than wipes and she does love her baths.

beach baby - pexels-photo-390632

Day 2 of horrible diaper rash happens to be Friday: beach day! Yay! We take the girls to the beach and while Hubby plays with Bean in the water, I decide to give El some much-needed diaper-free time. I’m walking her around on the sand (because, let’s face it, I would rather she pee on the sand than on our beach blanket), and although initially she was rather quite resistant to the feeling of the sand under her bare feet, she has since warmed up to the idea and is loving it! She stops for a moment when we’re facing the water, so I look up to see Bean & Hubby heading back towards us. Must be time for our picnic lunch. El spies them and takes a few steps towards them. Hubby’s thrilled about her having some diaper-free time, but casually says “Watch where you walk her, eh? I don’t want her to step in that.” I look where he’s pointing and see what appears to be a small log of rather colourful soft poo. That wasn’t there a moment ago. I pick El up, and flipping her over for a quick check confirm that yes, my kid just pooed on the beach.

I clean up El’s bum and then pick up the poo. (The colours due to the steamed vegetables she had with dinner last night.) For whatever reason, this marked a turning point for her rash. All afternoon on the beach, she doesn’t so much as pee for Hubby (whilst I play in the water with Bean), and by that evening, her horrible diaper rash has downgraded to just a normal one, and is almost gone by the next morning, hopefully never to return again. Now, if only I could find a way to bottle fresh-air-on-the-beach-while-walking-on-the-sand as a diaper-rash cream… I just know it could be a best-seller. 😉


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