Cupcake surprise

One last vacation story: On Saturday, the kids were up at the crack of dawn (and in the summer, that equals mighty early in my books), and by 9am were driving me a little crazy as they had decided that they were utterly incapable of doing something unless I was no further away than 12 inches. (Which might have been doable if they had wanted to go in the same direction…) Despite having been up for several hours, I still looked like I’d rolled out of bed a few moments before (minus the well-rested look. I don’t even think my body knows what that looks like anymore…) I needed to shower and was trying to finagle 5 minutes alone to do that. Hubby offered to take the kids for a walk. Perfect. Thank you. 20 minutes is all I need and I will be ready to go when you get back.

So off they go on their walk while I shower, get dressed, make a tea, drink said cup of tea, clean up the toys and other kiddie paraphernalia, read another chapter in my book, and begin to wonder where they got to… They came back an hour later, Bean traipsing into the house with a paper bag proudly clutched in her hand. “Mummy! We got a dairy-free cupcake that you and I can share!” Yummm. I won’t say no to that.

Hubby and El enter the house too and the kids present me with a gift they purchased on their walk: a cupcake apron. Too cute! I want to put it on and start making cupcakes straight away, except that we’re renting the house and don’t have any flour, sugar, etc. Hugs all around! Is this why your walk took so long?

“Well…” Hubby starts to reply. Apparently Bean was running around on the nearby greenbelt and he remembered that he had forgotten her water bottle back at the house. Rather then go back for it and interrupt my alone-time, they went down to the main street to a bakery he remembered seeing the other day to buy a bottle of water. Except that the bakery was a bit further away than he remembered. Then once they were there, Bean’s eyes grew wide as she saw all of the cupcakes, and he couldn’t say no when the owner said they had vegan ones (for our dairy-allergy kid). Then he realized that he couldn’t just get her a cupcake, so he got one for me too, along with another dozen (we were having lunch with family that day — otherwise I doubt he would have bought so many! (That would be something I would do, haha.)). And then they spied what is now my new apron… ❤

Hubby admitted that the cupcakes might be a little squished though, as the stroller basket wasn’t big enough to hold the box level and the bakery happened to be out of bags. We didn’t open the box until it was time for dessert. A little squished might be an understatement… of the dozen, there were maybe 3 that were relatively unharmed. Half of them had tipped upside-down on top of the other half and were all squished on the one side of the box. It was rather comical. I wish I’d thought to take a picture, but at the time, I was too busy laughing about it. (Sidebar: While telling Hubby about this post, he informed me that he had managed to snap a quick pick of the sugary mess, so photo credits to him today!) One of the cousins was assigned the role of “try to make sense of this” and deftly separated them with a knife, actually managing to keep the separate flavours separate. They might not have been pretty after their ride in the stroller, but boy oh boy, were they ever tasty!!! And really, who cares what it looks like, as long as it tastes great.

squished cupcakes

The cupcakes after a slightly bumpy ride in the stroller basket.


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