Meiya mouse — this momma’s review

Hello mommas! I’m really excited about today’s post: the first in a series that is going to be my own version of Feedback Friday. (Except that it won’t happen every week… I don’t have that kind of time! And I would probably run out of products within the year, haha.)  It’s a place for me to write my honest reviews about the baby and kid products that I use and like… or don’t like as the case might be.

I’m one of those people who researches things before I buy them — everything from hotel rooms to baby spoons — and it frustrates me when I find reviews like this: “5 stars! It looks exactly like it does in the picture on the box.” Seriously?!? In what world does a product that’s supposed to do something get 5 stars based entirely on looks? Granted, if I was buying an art piece, a comment like that would be fantastic. But when I’m buying baby gear (or a toy or a bread maker or something like that), I want to know how it works not how closely it matches the picture on the box. I trust that it will look like the picture on the box. What I want to know is if it does what the manufacturers claim it does. The other type of review that bothers me is the one that says something like “I’ve used it twice and it works great!” Again… if I wanted a disposable product, I would buy one that advertizes itself as such.

So my promise to you is this: when I review a product I will (a) review it based on how it works (although I might not hold back on how cute it is! We are talking baby stuff here folks), and (b) will have used it for at least a month (unless it breaks before that point, in which case I will let you know to save your money!!!).


Meija mouse

Meiya Mouse


So the subject of today’s Feedback Friday is Meiya Mouse. A super cute teether-toy that El got as a Christmas present last year. Now, I know that Sophie the giraffe is this decade’s be-all-and-end-all of teething toys, and yes, we have one of those — it was Bean’s back when she was a baby. But maybe you’ve seen the recent news spots about mold growing inside of the Sophie toy (Global News: Black mould found in popular teething toy) — needless to say I was a little grossed out. Is there mold inside of my Sophie toy? What if I cut it open and there’s no mold… then I’ll have wasted a $30 toy, which goes against my frugal nature. I was rather vigilant about cleaning Sophie between uses back when Bean was chewing on her, and although I didn’t ever submerge the toy (as per the instructions), what’s to say that some of Bean’s teething spit never made it down the torso into that hole? Sigh. What’s a momma to do? (Apparently the sniff test… and I’m happy to report that our Sophie passed that check.) Thankfully one of the awesome aunties got El a Meiya mouse for Christmas. It passes the cuteness test, but what about the baby test?

Well, let me tell you this: both El & I approve! Why? Well, from El’s point of view, the ears and face are great teething chewers (and unlike Sophie’s long legs, they won’t make the baby gag accidently), the dress is fun to pull up and over Meiya’s face for a little game of peak-a-boo, the body is good to chew on too when you’re in the mood for something soft. (Please tell me that my kids aren’t the only ones who would prefer to chew on a stuffed animal rather than a teething toy!) In addition to that, my momma-approval is (metaphorically) stamped on Meiya because she is machine washable! Granted, I have yet to put her through the washer, but that’s mostly because a spot clean with a damp cloth has been enough thus far.

In conclusion? This momma approves!

Here’s a summary:
PROS: cute, teething head & ears, soft body, machine washable, environmentally friendly (see below)
CONS: none!

In researching price-point for you mommas, I just found out that it’s a winner of the Dr. Toy Best Green Award for 2015. I am definitely pro-environment and a bit of a tree-hugger, so this is a major plus for me!!! And for price? Roughly $25 (I checked a few stores and they were all priced within a dollar of each other). So if you need a great gift for a baby shower or a teething tot, I highly recommend Meiya Mouse!


2 thoughts on “Meiya mouse — this momma’s review

  1. Great idea with the reviews :). The mouse is cute. I like how it doesn’t have fur like stuffed animals… Omg she keeps kissing her stuffed animals (very cute), but hair always gets stuck to her mouth. You’d think with a Pottery Barn stuffy you wouldn’t have that issue, but no. Hmmm, if you don’t already have an idea for your next review, I’d be interested in knowing what you think is a good sippy cup… I can’t seem to find a good one and threw away one (which was more than I wanted to spend) because she chewed up the lid.


    • Thanks! The same company also makes an elephant that is more boy-friendly (in case any of you are thinking that the mouse is a little too pink).
      I like your idea about reviewing sippy cups. I’ll work on something to post in the new year about the ones I’ve tried.


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