How to survive Easter with a dairy allergy

Had I written this post a year ago, or even a month ago, I would have entitled it “How to survive Easter without chocolate.” For a self-confessed-chocoholic, that alternate title sounds like a death sentence. How do you not have chocolate on THE chocolate holiday??? However, raising 2 girls with allergies had led to some creative alternatives, such as using candy, pastel-coloured-mini-marshmallows, and bunny-shaped-cookies (we buy the Annie brand, as they’re safe for our kids). Thankfully, my family is on board (especially my sister, whose kids are also denied chocolate, since we celebrate Easter together). However, this year my wonderful sister outdid Martha Stewart herself and found a way to bring back the chocolate.

First of all, she found these chocolate eggs (see below) at Bulk Barn. 3 cheers for a company making allergy-safe chocolate eggs!!! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but this momma’s glad they do!Dairy-free Easter Chocolate

And for the pièce de résistance… home-made chocolate-peanut-butter-eggs. (Made with dairy-free chocolate and sun butter, since we also have a peanut allergy.) Ta-da! Dairy-free homemade chocolate eggsI admit to having tasted one or two… they are amazing!!! They taste almost exactly like the real thing! (Well, to me they DO taste like the real thing, but I don’t know that they would stand up to a side-by-side comparison tasting, but let’s be honest… who’s doing that?!?!) She used a mould to make them, and they look spectacular!

Bean might have been a little bit confused about where the usual candy and marshmallows went, but both of my girls were thrilled to be allowed to eat chocolate. (Not to mention me, since someone has to make sure that they don’t gorge themselves on chocolate, and the best way to do that is to hide some for myself, haha.)

Despite this post taking me a month to complete and finally get around to posting, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter, complete with the dessert (or treat) of your choosing! (And an extra-big thank-you to my wonderful sister who found a way to bring back the chocolate. xoxo )


2 thoughts on “How to survive Easter with a dairy allergy

    • Glad you liked the ideas Micah!
      And who says that the eggs need to have candy in them at all? When my eldest was a toddler, the plastic eggs mostly held non-candy items: stickers, bouncy balls, craft supplies… it’s as she’s gotten older that the treats have appeared. 🙂


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