Baby gymnastics

It’s August and we’re up at my aunt & uncle’s lake house with the fam jam for some much needed R&R… or rather, “hey kids, run around and tire yourselves out with your cousins while Mummy & Auntie sit here and sip our tea while it’s still hot.” Hahaha, gotta love family!

It’s 3:50 am. Why am I awake? I decide that I’m too hot and get out of bed, stumble across the room in the dark and turn on the overhead fan. Climbing back into bed I can feel the cool air on me and instantly get some relief. Ah… now to fall back asleep. Except that I’m so thirsty. Back out of bed, a little more stumbling to the bathroom for a glass of water and then back into bed. Baby decides that this is a great time to practice his new gymnastics routine. So I lie awake as baby somersaults and kicks and generally tires himself out. Gymnastics routine over, baby settles back to sleep. Finally. I can go to sleep too. Except that I can’t. A small voice pipes up in the darkness.
– “Mummy?” (It’s Bean.)
– Mmm?
– When is it going to be morning?
– Not for a few hours yet. It’s still dark out because it’s still nighttime. Try and get some more sleep sweetie.
– Ok.
And just like that, she rolls over and goes back to sleep. Soon I can hear the deep, slow breathing that confirms it.

More waiting for sleep that just doesn’t seem to come. I amuse myself by drafting creative titles to blog posts. Still no sleep. 4:30 am. Maybe I need to pee. So I get up and head to the bathroom. Wash hands, another glass of water and back into bed. And still sleep eludes me. I think about the consequences of getting up and waking up 3 dogs. Decide that I don’t want to deal with that, so I stay in bed.

5 am. This is just getting ridiculous now. By this point, my body is fully awake and I am under no misconceptions that I will get back to sleep. Maybe I can get something to eat without waking up the dogs. (Yes, I’ll wait while you dog-owners have a good chuckle at me.) I manage to sneak down the stairs without waking them up, only to notice that G. (one of the dogs) is sleeping on the couch (even though he knows that he’s not allowed up there). I don’t want to wake him up to chastise him, so I let him be. I’m almost in the kitchen when I hear one of the dogs shake her ears and the soft footfall as she comes to investigate. It’s Pips, the eldest. I give her some love, which somehow instantly brings G. over for pats too. Having said hello, they go back to their beds. Then the puppy wakes up. Oh dear. Now I’ve done it. Poor guy is whining in his crate, he just knows somebody is out there and not with him.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t know much about training puppies, but I do know that it’s important to be consistent. Having only just met the puppy last night, I have absolutely no idea what the routine is. (Apologies to my bro-in-law, who is puppy-sitting and probably cursing me from his sleep-deprived bed at the moment. Sorry!)

I have a morning round (breakfast pita) and some yogurt. My body’s asking for more. At least now I understand why this sleep-deprived momma was awake at 4am. I fell asleep with the girls last night and when Hubby came to wake me up, I just transferred to my bed and fell back asleep. No bedtime snack. Apparently at 4 months pregnant, that is no longer allowed. Ah well. I’ll plan that better next time. 😛 For now, time to eat some more food and then hopefully I can get a little more sleep before the girls wake up. Wishing you all sweet dreams!


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